Tips for a perfect tan!

Get to know all our tips for you to get the perfect tanning color with our Maui Babe products.

Tip #1 Scrub

Before getting a tan, remove all the impurities and dead cells from your skin by scrubbing gently with Maui Babe’s Coffee Scrub.

Tip #2 Tan

Generously apply a good tanner with natural oils just like Maui Babe’s Coconut Oil Browning Lotion.

Tip #3 Refresh

Give a break to your skin every 15 minutes by softly spraying some Maui Babe’s Hydrating Mist, your skin it’s gonna love it!

Tip #4 Caring

Taking care of your skin after a good tanning session its crucial! With this Maui Babe’s Body Butter and After Browning Lotion you will have an intense hydration.